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Ethereum has not scaled at all even after the merge is complete Bitcoin white paper micropayments unless scaled There is a fact that is clearly stated on the premise that it cannot be realized It can be said that BSV = BITCOIN's immovable proof. ETH scaling is utter bullshit and unless the protocol has a fixed scaling setting, BSV started scaling early, pre-Genesis (5 years ago). It can be said that eth is currently in the state before that In any case, ETH cannot solve the problem of soaring fees, so it can be asserted that WEB3 games and the Metaverse will not be realized. Ethereum just makes it seem like it can and advertises it. With BSV, registering for HandCash eliminates the need to enter a username and password. ETH requires inputs other than his Metamask and is complicated. Security isn't perfect, fees are high, and you don't get a small income. ETH will stop at WEB2.5 and will not be able to migrate from WEB3 to 5.
There are some tweets and rumors that "scaling wasn't even planned" with the merge, that it was just about wasting less energy after The Merge. Looks like The Merge itself was a wasted effort.