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Hello, thank you for the great work. I was attracted to Powping because of its potential for a unique way to manage self publication. Currently, the blogs on PowPing still have very a simple user interface and lack management tools. I hope this will improve in the future. If one day, PowPress has the following features, it will be a big winner: (1) allows the user content be permanently tied to a paymail address. (This is extremely important because no other websites or blog sites has this function. With WordPress for example, the user content is either completely in the public domain or can only be managed under a private website under the domain name. Should anything happen to the author, the value of such publication is essentially gone as far as the author's family is concerned. It's close to be impossible to get any handle on it. The burden is not just the cost, but more a question of technical know-how. In a typical case, the family members simply do not know how to continue. They don't even know how to find it, much less manage it. However, if the publication is tied to a specific paymail address, the economic rights of the publication will be forever preserved. Not only is paymail directly connected with payments, but it is also permanent and free of charge once purchased with a one-time fee, unlike a website under a private domain name that needs to be always maintained with pain service and subscription fees.) (2) provides an adequate way to manage content user features like categories, tags etc. Try to emulate WordPress. But even if unable to match, some essential features will have a long way to go.
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I think what you wrote is great, thank you... I agree with every word and am glad you are making such a good case for self publication. Hope@unwriter has a chance to read it soon.