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Jotting down my thoughts on Bitcoin

This blog post will my opinion and personal journey through bitcoin; what I see as excited and what I'm disappointed in. You probably will disagree with many of my views and I encourage anyone to shed their viewpoint and challenge where I may be wrong.

If you don't know me I've been a long time online poker player, and I bought bitcoin not because of any cool tech, or any of the narratives you have these days. Bitcoin was just another means to profit. There was a cool poker site called SealsWithClubs and I wanted to test it out and see if there's money to be made there.

In October 2013 I bought $2k worth for an average price of $116. Within the first 2 months my i won a few bitcoins and by December the price shot up to $1k. At the time I knew nothing about bitcoin and I didn't want to be greedy so I sold most for an average price of $630.

Obviously this helps with intrigue. In 2014 and 2015 I tried to soak in as much information as possible about bitcoin. I watched all the youtube videos, read as many articles, asked my friends who were invested what their thoughts were, and tried to get a grasp on what this possible means.

When the fork debates started to happened, I obviously was a big block proponent. Logically it made 0 sense to have a cap on the amount of transactions, especially for really silly reasons such as node democratisation. Anyway anyone viewing this already believes in this. 

Since then much has happened, but I've come to a point in Bitcoin, BitcoinSV, where I'm questioning what's its future. Whats the point?

Yes I've watched all the Ryan X Charles and Craig Wright videos. I get the narrative and I see some potential. Whats really jarring to me is that its been a while since the BCH fork and there hasn't been anything really amazing for the ordinary user. Yes PowPing, Twetch, and whatever you have out there are okay, its nothing special imo. They are just gimmicks to things that already exist.

Maybe I am expecting too much, and with that expectation I envision something to be revolutionary. Something mindblowingly cool, and theres nothing on bitcoinsv that has that trait yet.

It may seem like I am complaining, and I know I will get replies such as 'why don't you create something yourself' ' you should build' yada yada yada...... The truth is is that I'm not creative. I'm here as a user. I want to see what will be available.

I'm sure there are many in the same boat. They see a lack of progress and feel slightly disheartened. All I'm really asking for is what goings to get the ordinary person on bitcoin, as so far I don't see it. Really sad for me to say this but thats really my view right now.

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Centbee has done amazing things with BSV: https://www.centbee.com
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