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Total Economy: 0.12 USD
Made these when I got banned from twetch. Don't buy. I gave 95% of them away.
Can i have a link in this nft on relay? I want to buy
Why you got ban from twetch
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Ask the frog.
1 BCA = 10BSV 🚀
bitcoin_assassin replied:
I got one pretty dope. Like it awesome work 🙏🤝👊
Undervalued still.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Very Good ...❤️
Cmon man I paid good money for numbah 1 and I demand thousands for this gem. 333 BSV 😁 few understand the legend
thoth replied:
btw i told twetch to delete themselves and was promptly banned on twitter lol 😝 back soon tho