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So similar to what I was speaking about in the podcast last week, the connection between iodine, gluten and the thyroid. https://doctorhan.com/art-iodine.html Very interesting article. https://youtube.com/watch?v=n2YuRfTufx8
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Iodine is an incredibly important element for health.
river replied:
Yes, it is essential and especially for woman. But most people dont know this and are deficient. In fact, Iodine deficiency is a real "pandemic" but doctors want to focus on a flu. ok. 1 in 10 women and potentially even more common these days are going to doctors for help for many cystic issues, and the run around is insane. The misdiagnosis and moreso treatment plans are all in line with big Pharma and do nothing to help treat or cure the patient. Just mask whatever symtpoms are showing up. They literally want you to wait for these cysts to turn into cancer so that they can treat you. Even thought some doctors might not realise, this is exactly what they do.
diddy replied:
Thanks River this is really interesting - did you see also Dr Otto H Warburg Nobel Prize Winner, devoted his life to the study of cancer and he found that if you deprived a cell of 35% of its oxygen supply for over 48 hours it was likely to become cancerous - he also found that cancer cells do not breath oxygen and can not survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen - which is why Dr Robert Rowen (youtube) has been completely ignored as he has a cure - Ozone and Oxidisation. Mask wearing depreciates oxygen levels, deep breathing, circular breathing. Have you seen the video Plandemic Indoctornation its on Bitchute and London Reel - they keep saying its a conspiracy but we know its not !
river replied:
Its just despicable the state of the world right now! I am so mad at the world. But I am going to dedicate my life to turn every stone and make sure that the important questions are asked and answered publicly and immutably.
diddy replied:
I feel you and I hear you !!!