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https://vocaroo.com/1nK89TdDPmUW One more decentralized track. The guitarist/bassist is from Texas. Drum programmer from Australia. Instrumental was fully finished when I found it, had to come up with working lyrics/vocals and add them in. I dig this one a lot but we never did get to finish it or finetune it or anything else due to hard life stuff. this was my first rough runthrough. We would have re-arranged a bit (like the vocally empty space in the middle that is kinda ska-like) Just showing, this was all done decentralized - we never met each other, practiced, or anything. The guy uploaded his guitar/bass parts, drummer in Aus grabbed them and added drums, I grabbed the track after and wrote lyrics/vocals and this is the result. We did this in 2017 - decentralized music!
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1 year ago
Another winner - nice work!