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Hey, I’m a big dummy, somebody help me understand this. Take a look at the blockchain explorer right now. A lot of smaller transactions, and then occasionally you get some big ones. It seems like for the blocks that are >1MB Taal is mining about 80% of those blocks. Taal has close to a 100% rate for the ones that are >10MB. How can this be? It doesn’t seem like the size of the block should have any effect on whether or not the block gets mined? What is Taal doing here? My best guess is that they’re testing a transaction gun, and potentially turning on more miners when they have a lot of data that they need to mine? Now that I’m working this out, it would make sense that hashing a large block would be more resource intensive than hashing a small block. So small gains in efficiency in that processing would lead to dramatically higher likelihood of confirmation.
I’m not super well read on this. But as far as I understand, the bigger the size of block, the greater the chance of an orphan. So miners do need to optimise for mining big blocks better than other miners otherwise they could get orphaned. And right now TAAL is definitely leading the way with optimising for big blocks. There might also be service level agreements where enterprises will direct txs directly to TAAL to mine. This was happening with WeatherSV and Mempool, where mempool would constantly get a 64MB block every few days.
they process the data of their clients , they don't just mined blocks. and being Enterprise Solution , they will eventually mined mfbig blocks. their clients , their data , they can give price plan for different seize or let it open for competition and ''come and get it '' because it's a public ledger, and those company should look at them self as data processor and not 'miners'; because over time you want the Fees of those blocks.