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Total Economy: 0.01 USD
Not splitting the atom here but thought exercise. Economy from 1 track Let's take Kanye - on majority of his tracks he gets 500,000,000 plays per track that's (average numbers here based on spotify stats). At $0.01 per spin that is $5,000,000 directly generated from 1 track. Split it 80% to artist 10% to label (do you need labels anymore?), 10% platform. Artist - $4,000,000 Label - $500,000 Platform - $500,000 Users Spotify charges $9.99 per month. To have same cost for the user at $0.01 per spin that works out to 900 tracks per month. Average user listens much less than that per month. User will save money. Missing Data storage fee not accounted for but platform is compensated well and should be able to reflect this in their operating costs. Transaction fee may not be possible at this low cost? What am I missing?
token_squatting tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
Do you pay multiple times if you listen to it multiple times?
simplyhansen replied:
Probably per listen. But you could set up many types of systems. Higher amounts could allow you to access track for a month or longer lease times.