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Job offer: Create me a working prototype of the following pseudo code in a language of your choice and make sure that I can change the code after delivery of the product. Can be a simple page in HTML or an advanced web interface with a fancy look as long as it has the following functionality: That's how it should look like: label1, selectbox1* label2, selectbox2 label3, selectbox3 Textbox1 button1, button2, button3...(Moneybutton, RelayX, etc.)** *selectbox can be a multi checkbox or a drop-down list, radio button or any other UI-form that allows the configuration of a query either in a 1 out of 2 or 1 out of 3 or 2 out of 3 configuration. **Receiving the payment should behave like a button press event. After paying a defined amount of money through either one of the payment methods, the following code should run: [Pseudocode] If money_recieved: Int data1 = Selectbox1.content.read* Int data2 = Selectbox2.content.read Int data3 = Selectbox3.content.read Var result = Calculate_Result (data1, data2, data3) Show_Result(result) #Send_Result(result) Def Calculate_Result (var a, var b, var c)*** var result = a+b+c return result Def Show_Result(result) Textbox1.text = result.toString() #Def Send_Result(var result) #Send_back_a_bsv_transaction_with_opreturn.text(result) [/Pseudocode] ***this function/logic must not be public viewable. Tell me what it costs and why, without and with the outcommented (#) feature and I will think about paying the price. Bonus if the whole page is onchain. Or just be cool and make a free tutorial for everyone to enjoy and build on. Contact me publicly here, on Powping or privately at pepo@moneybutton.com (baemail)
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