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It's been a couple of years now and BSV just can't seem to flip BCH. It's frustrating to watch, but it shows just how manipulated the crypto markets are. An excercise in patience.
bender tipped:
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1 year ago
What gave you this expectation? Balance patience with realistic expectations.
the entire effort seems to be about preventing price discovery on bitcoinˢᵛ for as long as possible. BCH must outperform BSV, or else ALL the ponzi's die. the battle of light vs dark, as we begin to realize the meaning and consequences of privacy vs anonymity, i think BCH has positioned itself to act as the last stand against bitcoin. it too will fall. bitcoin is light.
Why is it frustrating to watch?
brian replied:
BCH surviving longer than it has to
hammerbrook replied:
IMHO BCH will sort of be there as long as people wish to gamble/manipulate/live with false hopes/lie to themselves
On a brighter side, when these things ever happen they happen almost overnight. As far as I remember there were a couple of times when BSV flipped BCH, and both times it happened instantly. Right now the biggest hurdle is the bad reputation, so we can be sure that once this limiter is gone, there will be nothing to stop BSV.
brian tipped:
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1 year ago
it did flip it at one point, i am sure of it, just cant remember the exact date
brian replied:
You're right... at the fork, it passed the .50000001 mark for a bit. It is possible.
null replied:
during the bsv/bch split (#delistbsv campaign in nov 2018) at that time, bsv was worth little more than 0.20 of a bch, but within within weeks it bsv was worth more than bch. then, again in june of 2019, bsv was back down to the 0.20 range (0.20 bch = 1 bsv) with a USD price of around $50. soon after, more information began to (re)surface about csw/satoshi. the usd price reacted violently and peaked out at nearly $500 on january 13, 2020. at this time, the bsv/bch ratio surged to about 1.33. (1.33 bch = 1 bsv) the next "flippening" will be impressive. but i think bch will follow bsv to the upside for as long as it can. https://i.ibb.co/nRwvTDq/bsvbch.png
bender replied:
Yes, thats what i remember, in June 2019 it flipped it..
nanonano replied:
It also flipped in Jan'20 during the "bonded courier" pump!
brian tipped:
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1 year ago
bender replied:
Decent , hopefully next flip is the motherflipper lol
brian replied:
@nanonano you're absolutely right. I'm thinking of the brief moment when BCH actually flipped BTC Sorry, everyone!
crashoverride replied:
ABC is causing more and more problems for BCH. Your dream may come true sooner than you think.