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Bible Study

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The stronger the survival or stressful emotion you feel towards someone or something in your life, the more you pay attention to them. Very interesting blog... read it study it https://blog.drjoedispenza.com/emotions-are-not-your-enemy-part-2
"If you can truly open your heart, because the thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the event back to you—the more you stay in your heart in your waking day, the more you don't have to go anywhere to get anything in your life." This lesson is well known to Paul, who encouraged the Thessalonians to Pray without ceasing in the fifth chapter of his first letter to them. Modern psychology is mostly the exercise of reframing ancient wisdom in humanistic terms. Paul wrote on much of the same themes as your blogger in that chapter. The value of giving thanks and praise for the good and how we are to treat our unruly brethren, and look out for each other to abstain even the appearance of sin.
chrispin_kabuya replied:
Very true indeed. Nothing new under the sun.