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How long do you hold these RelayX NFT’s for? I should’ve sold the mandeep ep. when it was up but now it’s back almost to where I got it. Do you quick flip or hold for the future?
depends i sometimes buy three two to sell right away if possible
tonymontoshi replied:
I like that strategy. Thanks! Mabey I’ll try this next time. I’m pretty sure new PewPew tomorrow, Someone asked on Twitter when is #5 they said, Sunday 💯 so I’ll post it as fast as I can when I see it.
I usually quick flip to grow the bsv but was curious with the music nft so I held it
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Hold on to it.
tonymontoshi replied:
Ya some of these I think one day will be worth more than I’m realizing
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Definitely worth holding for now.
tonymontoshi replied:
I agree. I gotta work on holding longer. Going through multiple bear markets I have trained my brain to take profits. With coins I usually sell what I put in and keep the rest till the chart plays out. It’s different with these NFT’s though. Kinda messes my process up so I was curious on how you guys do it.