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https://relayx.com/1tee There are 40 individually minted NFTs of the Truth, chapter 1 comic book cover (Ashcan Comics Pub. -@nate ) The NFTs listed for sale in the relayx market simply photographs of the actual poster before being cut. The physical poster can be redeemed by following the instructions in the description, and the NFT that will be swapped out for this picture will be a special, limited edition digital art version of this comic book cover. We just wanted to let the buyers see what they would be getting by listing the actual photo of the physical product in the market. The 'redeemed' version of the NFT will be more suited to a digital art collector's idea of an NFT. Feel free to contact us a nfteebsv@protonmail.com
nate tipped:
Honored to work with you:) Thank you for making a handmade, screen printed poster of Truth!