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im on the first round of contestants https://youtu.be/blkQGMG1Snw
Congratulations for you and KPDad, hope recipesv does well.
nenicloud replied:
much appreciated. i have very little dev experience so I will be happy just to launch it. After we launch it, I am absolutely certain that I can maintain it and make it extremely bad ass. I have a shit ton of ideas that just need to be implemented. First step --- posting to chain and having interactions with other people. Aren't you a dev@sirquacksalot
sirquacksalot replied:
Sounds great, I'm sure the future is bright. Being committed to the project is a good portion of the battle. I'm afraid I'm not very good on that end, can barely fix any problems that crop up with my blog or web page, let alone do actual dev work.