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I feel like BSV is going to 80$ soon...
I'm not a TA guy and when I've tried I've been particularly bad. But... I've noticed BSV has a pattern of spiking up then decaying for a few months then spiking higher. So I'm guessing there will be another higher spike in a few months. But I wouldn't short term trade on that.
jolon replied:
It's also post-halving so the graph might be tilted up more than pre-halving.
jolon replied:
If my higher spike theory is correct, could go to $550 in the next few months.
jolon replied:
I presume the spike is caused by low liquidity leading up to the spike.
framore replied:
5$ would be great to buy at least 500 but I think 80~120 in the coming weeks if no special things happen. Tokenized.. Cryptofight... Maxthon ... the waiting list is long on the bsv horizon