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I always want to be in control of my faculties. I don't get drunk and I've never tried any mind-altering substance except marijuana once and I did not enjoy it. I suspect the phase in life I'm in, with kids and businesses and responsibilities, makes it even less attractive to not be in full control of my mind. Still, I am very intrigued by the kind of discovery and exploration possible with things like Ayahuasca. I know several people who have had very intense and beneficial experiences. I would love to hear any stories - positive or negative - from anyone who has done hallucinogenics. Not so much about the trip itself, but whether and to what extent you feel you gained permanently from it, what conditions are important, etc. I'd also love to hear your take on what causes these experiences and what is actually being experienced.
glenn tipped:
What most people have difficulty with is letting go and surrendering. If you fight, you will have a bad time.
isaacmorehouse replied:
I'm probably not ready then. ;-)
tesseract replied:
Yes I think this is something to consider when partaking in all psychedelics. Once you partake you are committed for as many hours until it wears off. You cannot exit the ride early. Always good to meditate before hand. Be in a comfortable and peaceful place where you will not be disturbed. A notepad to write things down is good. A positive mindset.
tesseract replied:
Additionally there is no such thing as a bad trip, just learning experiences.
Drugs can open up portals to other realities or aspects of reality... I've experienced a variety of things... curiosity can kill the cat, though... and every experience will take some kind of toll. For example once a long time ago I was meditating on MDMA and ketamine. I could "see" my entire skeleton as glowing light. Then I could "see" my grandmother who had passed away. She was radiating love for me. That experience helped me enjoy a feeling of connection and release from certain worries, long term. But it didn't "fix" me... I've still had ups and downs in life... it was just an experience. And could have taken a toll on my nervous system, hard to say. The energy has to come from somewhere. You do hear about people depleting their neurotransmitters with drugs, so it seems to me that every time one trips, they deplete some biochemical storage. I've heard from more advanced spiritual teachers that drugs can ultimately give you sort of a glass ceiling, of how much you can attain *without* the drugs. My experience tends to reinforce that. I find that discipline and effective routines charge up my spirit provided they're aligned with my vision and joy. "Plant medicine" can mean eating live vegetables full of enzymes, creating a probiotic gut environment... you might not be seeing aliens but I think there are hidden risks to such adventuring, which is a tradeoff people are wiling to make for secret hermetic knowledge... to each their own. I prefer a path of holistic connection & love under strong discipline. I'm honestly not sure whether drug use has hindered or helped that. I find that cannabis edibles (a hallucinogen) can help me chill. But there's a risk of getting burnt out on edibles or getting "too chill"... so I like to take breaks from them for weeks at a time before returning, being sure not to become a "lazy stoner" - because nobody likes those.
If you insist on always having complete control of your faculties you're gonna have a bad time. Buy the ticket, take the ride. One of the reasons having a sitter is recommended is because when people become frightened they tend to try to fight the experience. Humility and acceptance will be of paramount importance. If I were you I'd start with MDMA. Serious visual hallucinations can be rather jarring and there shouldn't be any on ecstasy. But honestly, if you haven't found any real appreciation of alcohol or weed then anything more serious may not be for you.
Ayahuasca is in the same realm as magic mushrooms and LSD. Either of those will do the trick. Highly recommended.
If you ever do try this, I want to hear all about it! I have also always been curious about Ayahuasca, but never felt in the right moment to want to try to take it. I believe you should be around someone you truly trust with these kinds of situations. I did have a "trip" once a few years ago on acid... and for 24 hours, the world was more beautiful than I'd ever known.
isaacmorehouse replied:
Do you feel like the trip left you with something enduring, or more of just a wonderful one-time experience?
river replied:
It definitely increased my receptiveness of my emotions of that exact moment, and allowed me to feel just free and see beauty without boundaries.. Kind of like a life lesson, so, yes. I do think it left me with a long lasting experience. I remember that morning, the ocean never felt so wonderful on my skin. But I recognise the wonder of the ocean on my skin still today, and maybe if I hadnt had that experience, I wouldnt be able to recognise the feeling today.
manifestable replied:
On this subject, I usually tell people that this kind of verbiage can create trepidation in people, like "once you have that experience, you can never go back to the self you used to be," and this can be used to frighten people in a way, but I always like to say that it's the same as say a backpacking trip through Europe. You would never return the same, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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1 week ago
I had many ayahuasca experiences, however there is nothing like smoking pure DMT extract. With 2-3 hits and you'll be in a different dimension not bound my time or physical matter.
isaacmorehouse replied:
What about the experience do you like? Do you take something with you permanently from it?
bitgor replied:
Yes, there are many things you'll get from ayahuasca and DMT. I strongly recommend it if anyone needs to build up their spirit or dissolve the ego.
I could literally talk about this all day. I'd like to just paint a picture for you, re: key wisdom accessed. Imagine this scenario: There is a plane of glass, relatively unassuming, and it separates an exterior world of commotion, and exchange and additive value that represents a string of accumulated work-product that grows longer as it moves through time, somewhat like the game snake where the longer you operate the snake, the more of a tail it gains. And we go out in this world and accumulate our own tails, and we sort of share those experiences with each other in ways that enable us to grow in lots of different ways. And then on the other side of the glass is kind of your abode, where your family dwells and your couch is comfy and its painted lovely inside and smells nice, etc. so throughout our day, we're jockeying in lots of ways between these zones, and depending on how skillful we are, we face different challenges along the way, sometimes being present to our family in ways other than physically, sometimes being drained in the outside process of exchanging and sharing, and in some ways, they can serve each other. Our efforts outside serve our abode, and our abode refreshes us to move more fluidly outside. I think psychedelics give us a window where we can pass from inner to outer, and back and back again, and we can become aware of our doing this in ways that were more subconscious or were just engrained in us and taken as "just what is." And in this process, we find that we can come to stare down the plane of glass that separates the two worlds, and we recognize in some ways that there are experiences happening on both sides, and that we typically engage with those experiences (like moving around the kitchen, or walking into a cafe, etc) but when you are staring down the plane of the glass, not only can you see what's happening in the periphery, but you can also see the reflection of each action upon the glass, and in a weird way, this enables you to be both within and without, and it's not just a hypothetical or something like a hologram because you can engage with and respond to the reflection. In some ways, this glass, instead of being a single straight plane, it's like a arc which goes back forever to the time before your body existed. You can see down the chasm of time from which you have arisen. It's a very heady thing to perceive because all of us come from an unbroken lineage of ancestry that goes back to mitochondrial levels. If at any point, even to the single-cellular level, you're ancestry had ever failed to reproduce, you wouldn't be here. So you are able to see down the plane which coils and curls into the deep recess of your own eventuality. And you realize that maybe at some point, some future aspect of yourself will also be looking down this same compressed spiral of preserved experience into the depths from which they've sprang which you will eventually represent. I think this is a kind of insight that psychedelics can prompt, but it can also be accessed through state-training, meditative practice, periods of extended silence, etc. I do research on this stuff if you have interest. Psychedelics are fun but like the movie Waking Life suggests in the scene where the man pilots the boat-car, you want to be in a constant state of departure while always arriving. It's ok to allow it to pass. It's what we allow to pass that enables us to free ourselves from the burden of imagining that we alone are capable of preserving or relaying it accurately. It's the same wisdom that you provide in your thesis blog post, https://isaacmorehouse.com/2020/05/25/technocracy-is-evil-and-inhumane/, Technocracy is Evil and Inhumane, about often mistaken impulse to embrace artificial bonds in an effort to "preserve" what is natural. It is so easy, seeing afterall as how we're in control of these magnificent human bodies capable of executing any and every impulse we can conceive, to think that our brains are capable of suggesting and monitoring and controlling from now until henceforth the appropriate paths down which life should proceed. Yet we forget, the tail does not wag the dog. Thanks for your question, Isaac!
manifestable replied:
Also, Isaac, for the record, I'd like to invite myself to the ceremony when you make time for this. I've never done ayahuasca in part because I want the moment to happen organically instead of just being a pursuit of a "high." To me, it's not a high. It's augmenting a paradigm for how you think about the past and the future from that point forth. So if you're interested in doing it on your own or with close peers, that's great, but if you want to create a circumstance that others contribute to as well which involves going outside of traditional frameworks for how we orient to what we know, I'm interested in moving in that direction also.
I have certainly gained much benefit from the few trips I have planned when I am about to enter a significant new chapter of life, or feel myself going through a significant inner transformation. Why? Hallucinogenics let loose the entropy of the mind. They expose your values and beliefs where you are in the most raw way possible. This is because the additional entropy means you bypass the learnt patterns of thinking and feeling encoded into your neurology over decades. Thus, all that you may have been avoiding internally comes to bare, and you face your inner life naked. This is not dissimilar to the processes you go through in psychotherapy, but it's much shorter, more intense, more vulnerable, and the insights are very 'tangible'. Tangible, because it's hard to see your mind with your mind, as it naturally develops to avoid itself. However, when you can physically feel, smell, hear, see your inner life playing out, it becomes quite obvious what you need to address, what you've been running from, what needs changing, what doesn't, etc. Without a reflective, honest and mature group of people to go through it with you (or adjunct therapy), it descends into hedonism/experimentation in my opinion (which has its place). Properly planned and reflected upon, it's a great way to solidify self knowledge and identify real targets for psychological development. I understand your point about not being in full control. But the choice to let go in the first place is a very controlled choice. Like deciding to go on a rollercoaster. Hope that's of interest! Feel free to message me if you'd like further info.
glenn tipped:
isaacmorehouse replied:
Very cool. Thank you!
mandeep replied:
Pleasure! Here's the breakthrough pilot study from Imperial in 2017 that reawakened interest within psychiatry: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-13282-7/ Here's a more recent article speaking about the upcoming bigger version: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/08/psychedelic-drugs-treat-depression Enjoy :) Would love to hear your experiences if you ever indulge. Would love even more for all 4 Numpties to trip on a livestream.
isaacmorehouse replied:
OMG that would be something. A live Numpty trip. lol
Hallucinogenic mushrooms (with the active compound Psilocybin) appear freely during the colder months around southern Australia. As you can imagine, many people in my town would partake in picking these for drying and use. I remember taking them a few times back in 2012, picked freshly from the forest by my home. One experience in particular, was quite emotional. Although a terribly negative trip at the time, the drug forced me into seeing the emotional baggage and underlying problems surrounding my life. I woke up the next morning and was motivated to heal my broken relationships, fix the things that weren't working in my life, and actively pursue a path to greater happiness. To this day, this monumental shift in my mindset has not changed. Instead of ignoring or dismissing small problems (that will inevitably grow into larger ones), I now address them as soon as they appear - and work to solve them to the best of my ability. It was almost like something flicked a switch. I'm not educated enough in the mechanisms of how these drugs work biologically, but my take would certainly be that these substances 'open up' new areas or linkings within the brain that are usually locked when at baseline. I was in my early adolescence at the time, mind you - perhaps I'd experience different benefits as an adult?
glenn tipped:
isaacmorehouse replied:
Very cool. Even though a bad trip, you feel you gained permanently. That is very interesting.
You must first accept that you will - and must! - lose control of your faculties in order to have a good trip. If you don't you probably won't have a good time. What is interesting is that when it was over, my depression was temporarily cured, as if someone hit a reset switch in my brain. I felt closer to nature, even after the trip concluded. As if someone lifted a veil from my eyes to see just how blessed life itself really is. 10/10 would recommend.
isaacmorehouse replied:
Yeah that's my gut - that I am not ready because right now I am not willing to let go. I want to plan a time to go somewhere to try this when I have no obligations.
brian replied:
Yes, that's a good idea. And plan to be around positive, good people. That is probably most important.