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Hey _unwriter, the USA (and the rest of the world) needs an authentication system that they can rely on so that they can carry out unbreakable elections, surely? Some folks have said that a blockchain solution is the answer - my level of understanding agrees (I could be wrong ;-)). Seems to me that the example given by Powping for a virtually frictionless onramp to an immutable blockchain registration system might be a starting point. This would bring BSV right into the spotlight if a system could be developed for the mid-terms or the next Presidential election? The really difficult problem is how to ensure that an individual can only have one identity on the system before they vote? What information can be used to make sure they haven't duplicated accounts while maintaining privacy? I have a few vague thoughts so far but would like to hear others thoughts. Maybe we need a powping channel on this? I will let someone else create the channel because I am not a US citizen but if it doesn't happen soon I'll do it. Any suggestions?
I’m really surprised that no blockchain dev has figured this out yet. It seems to me to be one of the most easily graspable problems for crypto to solve, something that would drive it into the mainstream around the world in a positive way. I’m sure it’s a complex problem, but what a challenge!
This is much more complex than people think, but we have some solutions at Elas we are working on and hope to demonstrate soon!
glauce replied:
Maybe@elas_digital can add to this...
jasmr replied:
Many thanks@glauce - this looks really interesting - I will study it and think more about the problem.
glauce replied:
I added a link in our group for Brendan Lee... he will be on the case
sandysmoothie replied: