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hey@deggen, I assume baemail would be interoperable with normal emails in the future right? I.e. I could give my paymail to someone and they could still send me a normal email from their gmail account, and likewise I could still reply to them?
pete tipped:
0.06 USD
1 year ago
Would you use a baemail.me email address if I hosted that? I have paymail and email services behind deggen@probat.us by pointing an srv at moneybutton and gmail respectively... but I wouldn’t want emails clogging up my baemail inbox.
liam replied:
Hmm not sure whether I wouldn’t use a@baemail.me. I was more thinking whether my existing custom email address (I.e liam@liamchai.com) could be used to login to baemail and still also have a separate inbox for legacy emails on baemail itself. I’m not super technical, not sure what srv is. But seems like it’s possible to turn my existing email address into a paymail then?
deggen replied:
Okay so this is a service a few of us can do for you, along with cooperation with moneybutton if you ask them nicely. You can add a DNS record for paymail on your liamchai.com domain so that it points to moneybutton. Then you will be able to ask nicely the dev team at moneybutton to allow you to use that as your primary paymail. I believe they will sell this as a service eventually. However, your emails will continue to go to your email Inbox and your baemails will continue to go to your baemail inbox. You can achieve a hybrid view using the baemail chrome extension where by you can see your baemails within gmail. Only works with gmail so far.
liam tipped:
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1 year ago
In future when all email servers accept payment within IPv6 headers, sure.
liam tipped:
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1 year ago
well, someone would have to pay the transaction fee for their message to go on the chain,, so no,, the chain doesn't allow spam and email does so they're not compatible
liam replied:
Yes I get they are two separate things, I’m more asking whether baemail would basically also host a legacy email server in order to have interoperability with normal email to help with onboarding. Email has a gigantic network effect. If I can either sign up to baemail using my current email address as my paymail or I can use baemail as my all-in-one inbox during the transition from legacy internet to metanet, that would be useful.
mungojelly replied:
theoretically deggen could run an email server too and integrate the junk in your old fashioned email with your baemail box, but only if your paymail was@baemail.me, an address like mungojelly@moneybutton.com an email client would try to send the email to a server at moneybutton.com .... i can see how integrating email would help people transition but i still doubt it'd be worth it to deggen to do, because email REALLY IS BROKEN and so running an email server is hellish, vs checking the chain for baemails is easy and painless