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After all my conclusion of exit the BSV investment was really right. I sold at 180~190 and we are now at 130~140. The use cases is now absent, as many users agree.. payment is not but unless the smart contract and token are not enabled, only tipping is left at the moment. When that will happen, I could reinvest if I like the situation. Tokens and smart contract like for DeFi is very much needed now and it is obvious that Ethereum cannot run with these fees. Bsv has a good chance to show how DeFi and tokens could work better using it. For now my choice of token is Bitcoin Cash with the super easy SLP. Let's wait the conference and see....
Check out Output Capital on twitter. Pretty certain Jack Liu is paving the way for tokens and even DeFi to come to BSV. WrappedUSDC on BSV via RUN is a great start.
pete tipped:
Your investment horizon is closer than mine. 📉📈