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The pathetic number of CG NY viewers reveals a problem: There's so many thing that bitcoin could be used, but we have to find something that can't be achieved without bitcoin. Yes we all agree that bitcoin could do almost everything, so what?
I 100% disagree. Who is the target market for eight hour long live streams? The hard core. The regular people are best approached with clips and editorial content, that focus on the interesting bits and present it in context. -- rt12
linzheming replied:
I agree with your argument. we need more clips.
It doesn't grow overnight. Some people will join because of twetch, some because of powping, some because of streamanity, some will like games like cryptofights or online gambling, or many other existing or in development projects. It will grow, slowly but surely. Keep using it if you want to speed it up. btw, CG conference was great
Regarding "The pathetic number of CG NY viewers": 1) An event like that is not an entertaining event like a football match. It doesn't naturally have a big audience. And BSV is still in its infancy. 2) I only watched a bit of it live. I find it more comfortable to watch it later as YouTube videos because I can do it when it suits me, skip the parts I don't care about, and play the content at a speed I like. If others do the same then the number of live viewers is lower than the total number of viewers accumulated over a bit longer timeframe.