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Can someone explain what "Expiration of warrants" means?
There were a bunch of warrants given out to various individuals allowing them to buy shares at a certain execution price by a certain date. In the case of Matthews he had warrants for $8. TAAL share price is much lower so it makes sense that he didn’t execute them. There will be more warrants expiring this month. Most are $5-$8 so I doubt they’ll be executed.
pepo tipped:
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
pepo replied:
Thanks! Does that mean they speculated for a much higher price around this date?
liam replied:
In a way, yes. Warrants were given as part of salaries or incentives to execs. Or also as part of private placement sales. Usually would be a combo of common shares + warrants.
hermes replied:
Nice explanation@liam !