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I am@adonsats and I am with the inventor of...well you already know him. TAKE some time for this. it looks like another Inventor 🤯
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Why Satoshi Nakamoto build forth like language in bitcoin script?
adonsats replied:
1) because at the end of a Forth sequence you have either True or False no void and some shit we see in others languages 2) It is easy to debug... you can never fail. no semicolon and other shit 3) It takes very small space in your memory. it could be the tinier language that exist today with assembler 4) seems easy to monetize each Forth word 5) a member of his family was a Forth coder :)
Inventor of Forth programming language.Charles Moore.
adonsats replied:
ohhh yesss. remember the guy. the future of computer science is in his hands. the future of the next gen CPU