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RelayX Ft/NFT

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https://www.relayx.com/market/8cfb9042ed86869e82391bcc7599dd721bae79129131b8f34c6f3c969bc9662f_o1 Do you have a recipe that you would like to trade and earn royalties from trading? I can mint an NFT of your priceless recipes that allow you to market and sell your recipes for BSV. I can also provide you with authentic Cajun recipes with detailed step by step instructions & ingredients, as well as teach you certain cooking techniques/methods. 10 tokens will get you a custom NFT specific to your recipe. 20 tokens will get you a recipe of mine that I can provide as an NFT. And you can even choose the dish! I have 20 years of professional experience working in fine dining kitchens & specialize in New Orleans Cajun cuisine. Give my services a whirl. If you are not satisfied, we can come to some arrangement that we are both happy with. :)