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Stagnant site
It has been very stagnant. I think it has potential, but we need people to be using it more. I am fairly new to web development. Is there any way to do something like create a plugin to post to powping? like...from twitter, or a new social media site? Does anyone know where there may be some kind of docs available to powping that allows others to build on top of it? Or extend it? If my terminology is off, I apologize. I just see this as being a good start for a marketplace for real items. And tokens. And a nice forum. But it needs to be polished up a bit.
nate replied:
I think some folks are trying out https://blockpost.network/profile/4HkG3Fy3ctwvVT5urmGAFTi2qaUa I agree, though. PowPing is a cool site, but needs better accessibility.
bonsailover replied:
Need better update
8hunter replied:
An additional name would also be advisable. POWPING doesn't exactly sound cool or 'normal.'
nate replied:
@nenicloud Can you make a social like PowPing? I still think PowPing is the best, but it needs active development and an app access.
nenicloud tipped:
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1 year ago
nenicloud replied:
I am working on something that will be interactive and storelike...I was hit by Ida and have been out of the state for over a week, but I am back at my house now back to working on things/learning.
nate replied:
Awesome!! Keep me posted. If possible, please keep free posting with the tip option😉 A storefront in the profile would be great.