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1 year ago
I always liked moss. Half my garden is moss. I see other people pull it out and sow grass seeds, why? You don't even have to mow moss and it looks gorgeous.
bonsai_guy replied:
Moss is the patrician's choice of ground cover.
Gorgeous and I see there will be babies soon!... Here I am checking my patches of moss through the window, they seem to be spreading everywhere, but has been so cold and snowy, I didn't dare to venture out. This is a lovely treat! (I am catching up, my visits to powping have been a bit interrupted)
bonsai_guy replied:
I found a few colonies of the same species (kyoto moss) growing wild in some areas of my yard as well. Was happy to see it finally take up residence in the yard.
glauce replied:
Kyoto moss, beautiful, thank you for naming them! I think I've seen a small colony in my garden last year, growing wild as well... will keep an eye and take photos if I spot them again (or if isn't hopeful thinking, haha)