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Without a “block user” feature, no social media app will succeed. Nice work@unwriter
emily tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
Thanks! It's not perfect yet and need to handle more edge cases, but getting better.
maggie replied:
Hi.The questions in some posts are very good. I would like to have a follow button to see the answers below these posts.
unwriter replied:
You can follow a post or a comment thread by tipping them. But good point, I think I will make it more explicit by adding a button that says "follow"
maggie replied:
Thank you! You are the best! Go ahead! Or we need some Emoji :)
blocking works ok! i like the old feature from back in the day, usenet and stuff, we used to "plonk" people, i think that works even better .. it's like a shadowban, you can't tell the difference between being plonked and being ignored,,, so then the plonked people just keep talking and trying to get your attention rather than making new accounts to evade the block ... sometimes the people who all of the actual participants have plonked will even keep responding to one another and keep one another entertained! works way better at actually being rid of trolls
unwriter tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago