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What do people think of MetaID? Is this the one identification system for all? twitter.com/MetaIDio/status/1284160689204953088
I don't know them, what do you like about it?
What do *you* think? I would like to learn, and I think others will also like to hear your perspective coming from your unique position.
_kevin_pham tipped:
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1 year ago
Please rephrase your question in poll format. ;)
The concept of having one key to access all your apps is great. That should definitely exist, but needs to be able to be implemented with minimum friction, without really getting in the way of developers own design decisions. This seems to go a bit further and is describing one universal protocol for every bit of data and user action. I don't like that. Too opinionated.
Looks interesting, nice to see people not letting MoneyButton become a monopoly. Though I think what’s truly missing is an actual identity authentication tool that allows you to connect a person or entity’s legal identity to a wallet, just like you would a bank account. That’ll be the real breakthrough, I think Tokenize is working on that with Identity Oracle.
ivmidable replied:
I believe that is what https://legallychained.com/ was supposed to be working on. Last I checked they have not delivered on that particular feature, so the business model is still open for another to take and run with.
chief replied:
What's under the hood ? Is the keys your DNA or something ?