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Is it possible to get a unique powping url for channels?
I'm trying to stay away from centralized namespaces as much as possible. Usernames I had to do it because otherwise there wouldn't be an easy way to identify and mention users. For channels the benefit is not as critical as the username. Plus, channels are still in experimental phase and I don't want to limit its potential by giving them names controlled by one entity.
Don't we already have this? Isn't the unique url for for example this Team Powping channel https://powping.com/c/a167e76a7d87ac5c8b764cf569b4a2d6d12c31bec3ff424bfee195a3192ceb9d
metastraya replied:
Yes all these URL’s are unique, I should of explained better. The ability to change this URL to brand specific.
metastraya replied:
I didn’t tag@unwriter in initial question, I’m sure he can address now 😊