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New Year’s Prayer for Year 2021 Dear Father God, We praise You for Your abundant grace and desire to give good gifts to Your Children! As we begin a new calendar year, we are reminded that You have a plan for us to give us hope and a future. Incline our hearts and minds to be receptive to all the blessings you will grant to us in the new year and keep us focused on the promises you intend for us to know and live. We recognize the difficulties of this past year, but more so, the wonderful gifts you have granted which are far greater. Even though we have not deserved Your mercy, You have been gracious in lending your love to us each and every day. Continue to do so as You keep us from all harm and danger of the mind, body, soul and spirit. Create in us new hearts and a spirit to sustain us in any and all challenges to come. Empower us by Your Spirit to seek Your forgiveness and live according to Your will. Draw us with fervent hearts to Your Word and Sacraments that we may know true strength in order to live out the calling to which You have given us. Stir our passions to that which is good, right and wholly pleasing to You and a blessing to our neighbors. May we know compassion and empathy for those in need and a greater desire to share the Good News of life in the Name of Jesus. Free us from the past of our sins and guilt that we may move freely into this New Year full of joy to be of service to You and Your Kingdom. Grant an extra measure of Your Spirit's anointing for a greater zeal in living out the commission and life to which we have been called. Be with all who are in need and tend to them with Your gracious hand. Thank You for being the God Who is for us and not against us! Thank You for Your continued faithfulness and that amidst an ever-changing world You are always the same and Your promises are new for us each day. Receive our praise as we glorify Your Holy Name with gratitude for the grace that is ours through Your Son, Jesus Christ! In His Name and for His sake we pray! Amen and Amen!