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If I have $100 000 worth in BSV today (not saying that’s what I have), what do you think it will be worth (in USD terms) in: 1 year 3 years 5. Years Curious to know your thoughts on where we are going.
1 year 50k, 3 years 150k, 5 years 300k.
Stop thinking in terms of dollars. Even some of the larger names in BitCoin don't have a clue, or they are deliberately holding back information on the true endgame for BitCoin. Look at the internet as a life form, or a universe. Our current internet has no parameters or rules, per say, for the most part. It's a chaotic internet, a chaotic universe with no order and law, zero security. A new internet is being created on BitCoin because we need boundaries and laws, or else it's chaos. No more 'illegal immigration' that plagues our current universe that brings chaos, which reflects on the current internet, which in turn reflects our current lives. If we do the reverse of that, we are secure and protected inside the new life form, the new internet. Not just anyone will be able to get in. If someone wants to get in and stay, they need to follow the rules, which forces cooperation between those who voluntarily want to stay in the secure system. Kind of like a new Heaven and a new Earth. Now, this second internet coming has limited space. Only so many galaxies and planets and we will know exactly how many. People seem to only look at BitCoin as the thing being scarce. That's incorrect. With BitCoin, EVERYTHING becomes scarce. BitCoin is a glorified game of monopoly. In monopoly, you should not worry about how much cash you have. You should worry about how you strategically set up the real estate you want and how much of it you want. As time goes on, the cash will come in turn as people will pay you to build on your property, to just buy the property in fill from you. However, this is just the beginning. BitCoin is the 'DNA of things'. People keep talking about how not everyone will be able to afford nodes to store the entire chain, which is true, but that doesn't mean you can't use the whole chain in a way to easily access and extract information. In the future, the easiest way for people to access the entire blockchain will be buy storing it in our DNA. This is the part people keep their mouths shut about. At some point, every single though, action, and human sentient experience will be recorded on chain. I'm not going to go any further because I could write a book about this. To sum it up, move past the primitive thought of how much x will be at a given point of time. If you asked BitCoin how much you think He will be worth in 10 years, His response would be for you to go off and learn about microbiological data processing at the DNA level. Once you understand that, you will realize you can't put a price on eternity, you can only realize how much of the eternity you want to own within yourself. Our future demands courage and leaving the old in the past to die.
patrice replied:
That’s an interesting point of view, but I am not investing in BSV with an altruistic view. I want it to grow, I want it to be used massively and ultimately I want its value to skyrocket based on that utility. Surely there is a profit motivation for all involved, including miners and transaction processors.