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Plunge protection team??!

"The ratio" (BSV:BTC) is consistently dipped below 0.01 these days.

Are you a member of the BSV plunge protection team?

I'm not.

I have a friend who keeps an eye on "the ratio" and will grudgingly take action when needed. Like, anything below 0.01 is a bit concerning.

Some of you may also be on the team, perhaps since BCH days.

This same person once reacted with lightning reflexes to fish a curious toddler out of the duck pond into which he'd plunged. Luckily it was summertime and next to a kids' market where I bought an overpriced pair of children's shorts. (We'd just passed the schlepping-a-diaper-bag-with-an-extra-change-of-clothes-everywhere stage.)

I could claim that wouldn't have happened on the mother's watch, due to a firmer grip on said toddler's wrist, but then nobody would have learned a lesson.

The other day my young nephew managed to take two quick and giant steps away from my brother while they were at a beach. And plunge himself chest-deep into a river during wintertime. The water was not fast-flowing, but still! Are dads more likely to let toddlers experience the consequences of their own actions under the watchful eyes of a loving and responsible parent? The two-year-old definitely understands what "cold water" means now.

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