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Really thought no one would ever top the trade in which Hinkie netted a crapload of stuff in exchange for taking on salary: The trade seems so weak now... 76ers took on the contracts of Jason Thompson and Carl Landry in exchange for Nik Stauskas (a #8 pick in the previous draft, back then he seemed promising, and developed properly, maybe he WOULD have been-- but not with Bwett Bwown) 1st round unprotected from the ever-crappy Kings. The right to swap 1st round picks with the ever-crappy Kings. This seemed so genius at the time, BUT THEN.... The ColangeLosers replaced Hinkie, much like Adam Back & 1 Meg replaced Satoshi with the repository keys to BitCoin, and this beauty came to fruition. DANNY AINGE recieved: The #1 pick in the 2017 draft; namely his favorite college player Jayson Tatum who he would have picked first anyway. Another first round pick the Sixers owned (think it was actually the unprotected Sacramento pick), which was then protected to the #2 pick. This trade meant Ainge lost nothing, and manufactured a potential #2 draft pick out of thin air. Absolutely amazing trade, which got even better than I thought when Fultz turned out to be a Chik-Filet All-American dud. I had Lonzo Ball #1 that year, with Fultz ranked lower than Tatum, so even without access I had better info than the Colangelos, but that's not hard to do. Then I figured out who Trajan Langdon was, after seeing all my favorite players in the 2016 and 2017 draft go to the Brooklyn Nets; namely, Caris LeVert in 2016, a total sleeper hit Jarrett Allen in 2017, a nearly ideal center Aleks "Sasha" Vezenkov, still one of my favorites if he ever comes to NBA Then Langdon gets recruited to be GM of the best organization in modern NBA basketball, the Nawlins Pelicans. Then Nawlins signs Griffin who turned dogshit into a ring in Cleveland-- a near impossible feat. THEN they get 100% of my favorite players from the Lakers: Super-winner Josh Hart (Huge Jay Wright fan here) favorite basketball player Lonzo Ball Jaxson Hayes, in 2019 draft, but at #8 instead of #4 thus also netting Nickeil Alexander-Walker (no opinion here, but he was free since Langdon preferred Jaxson Hayes at #4 anyway-- simiilar to the Danny Ainge trade above) Marcos Louzada Silva (a "Eurostash" in Brazil, ALSO free thanks to Trading down from #4 to #8 with Fatlanta SchmoHawks) I'm going to stop counting now, because Langdon then traded a bunch of their free 2nd round picks for even more picks later, "stacking sats" for a rainy trade day, if you will. Oh yeah, Nawlins also got Brandon Ingram, who altho I think is locker-room and offensive-cancer, he's amazing trade bait even tho I think Langdon thinks his org can retrain the shitty non-passing non-defense out of Ingram (good luck!). Nonetheless, Ingram is prolly worth 3 or 4 firsties minimum. So Langdon keeps topping himself, BUT then he added Griffen and NBA history was made: the greatest trade haul in the history of NBA basketball. Check-it... Days ago, Langdon and Griffen trade with the hapless MilWokee Bucks: The loser Bucks recieve: Jrue Holiday (I like Jrue, but he's aging, is made of glass, and doesn't have that "I want a ring" personality that frequently allows marketable athletes to get the calls en route to championships. So what did Nawlins get? Drew Bledsoe: This fireplug I consider to be better than Holiday, he's in the Jimmy Butler ilk. If you ain't winning, get me the F out of here. In fact, he has a famous tweet from Phoenix saying exactly that. The trade is already won, just here, straight up. But there's more.... George Hill: Again, I consider the rehealthy George Hill to be as good or better than Holiday. Hill also is made of glass like Jrue Holiday, and also has a more humble nature. He's so humble, like Iguodala coaches typically put this starter-quality all-star on the bench to man the 2nd team. Dumb, but I get it. I'd consider a straight up trade Jrue for Hill, if Jrue didn't have a much higher trade value. So to me, Nawlins just doubled-up on the missing Jrue-- much like what Ainge did by getting a #1 and a potential #2 draft pick in exchange for a #1. Oh but there's SO much more: While we wait to see what Nawlins does with the TWO additional first-round picks from the Lakers.... 2020 1st round #13 draft pick: Kira Lewis Jr (Alabama psuedo-freshman) 2024: right to swap first round picks, with Bucks who are in serious jeopardy of losing Greek Freak 2025: 1st round pick, UNPROTECTED 2026: 1st round pick swap (again, Giannis?) 2027 1st round pick, UNPROTECTED Now, imagine Giannnis walks for a bigger better city with an ACTUAL chance of winning-- a city where the NBA rigged referees don't have to be ashamed to reward with a championship-- like LA or Boston or Golden State?