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$10 AUD tip for a provable translation
This relic was likely lost by a Chinese miner that came to Australia in late 1800's to early 1900's. It would appear to be some type of belt buckle. Would you it likely be a symbol of name/family or represent the fortune and prosperity he was seeking?
I think it is 禄 You can compare
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Cheers that concurs with the others
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Thanks tip :)
Tips paid out split between the two answers as they both concur and the second one provided more proof and explanation of translation
禄, sound lu,means fortune, As a verb, it means to give salary. Among the Hundred Surnames, Lu is the surname. The original meaning is that there is a strange animal in the world, named "Lu". It looks like a unicorn. It has a horn on its head and two wings on its back. It is good at distinguishing sound and distinguishing right from wrong.
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