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Just read a good article written by@unboundcapital@jack. It is long article, but it is explaining that BSV is superior than BCH to promote liberty. BSV which is legally possible as it is traceable can be used as source of Truth in Court. But, the small micro transactions is not cost effective to be enforced. It can be like cash which small transactions is allowed for any transactions. The large transactions are obligated to use banking, so the government can trace it. If there is criminality, the bank can be forced to freeze the money. It is same with BSV. Small transactions can be ignored by government as it is not cost effective to do so. But, if the criminal act large criminality using BSV involving large money, Government can enforce it to freeze the money and reassign to the owner. https://unboundedcapital.com/blog/why-bsv-is-more-likely-to-promote-liberty-worldwide-than-bch-an-open-letter-to-roger-ver
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1 week ago
Thanks for reading!
mamatrohimat replied:
Nice article sir. Thanks for writing. Rongerkver is actually nice person to discuss. You have been inspired by him also. Nice to hear that
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