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Finally! Where's@apagut for this? This NBA zealot is all about Zion Williamson & we made a long-odds bet they could win the chip in his freshman season with the help of Zo-Ball, Jrue, Faves, JJ & Villanova's two-timer Josh Hart. Unfortunately, injuries happened and then the Pels only weaknesses: Brandon Ingram's love of losing games by never passing the ball on a pass-happy team (instant death) and Brandon Ingram's playing zero defense on a defense-happy team happened. Ugg. So just gonna have to resort to rooting for the next best thing: Ben "Bennie Dimes" Simmons-- my local-geo pick.
HAHA! Brandon Ingram is just "Skinny Melo" They have a big issue over NOLA... who do they give the keys of the car? They have great players but besides -potentially (and that's a big IF) Zion, none of them moves the needle. I want to see how Zion comes back next season after a few extra months off. Sixers? Blow it up. I love Simmons. Just surround him with shooters and get a better coach - Mark Jackson? Trade Embiid's lazy ass.
john replied:
Yes Embiid is starting to wear pretty thin these days, ey? Philly mgt lucked-into Simmons, so highly doubt they are smart enough to keep him. Big fan of Lonzo, really like his style, and would love to see a full year of what their current team could accomplish. Same goes for Hart. Hope they keep those 3 young guys together. Yes, you said it, BI is very much in the Melo mold, and unfortunately when surrounded by mega-passing team he's only going to have that ingrained further. Like Donovan Mitchell in Utah, the organizational structure is going to brand the player into a certain role for life. I'd love to see Nawlins pick up a discarded Biggie Swanigan and groom him for Favor's role. Biggie is Barkley type player, does it all, but he needs to be run ON the court-- will never self motivate (just like Barkley) but responds well to competition. 34 minutes a game and Swanigan turns into a monster out there-- sweat the fat off him.
apagut tipped:
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2 years ago
jack replied:
Swanigan?? What a take
jack replied:
Agree that the front office can metastasize around a certain vision for a player, although it isn't looking so bad in Donovan Mitchell's case. I'm guessing the sixers are going to get new management, so they might see the potential for Simmons.
apagut replied:
I went to a couple 76ers games back in January and Ben Simmons is a beast. No way I take Embiid over him. Just surround him with shooters and let them run. Korkmaz, Thybulle and him wow, keep that core! I am sure the Lakers would love to get Tobias Harris - and not many other teams might be interested. Kuz + Danny's contract + some trading exception for him? win win JRich is useless for the money. Same with Horford. Dallas bound? hm I would have traded Embiid last summer after peak hype vs Kawhi's lucky shot, maybe to Miami for shooters? Now you won't get half what most people think he's worth. Childish big man with constant lower end injuries who can't stay in shape and is very moody? No thanks!
Celtics took Game 1... Simmons sidelined indefinitely from that knee injury/surgery a a week or two ago. *May* return if the Sixers make a deep playoff run... but no time soon.
Lol! Get ready for 5 more years of watching BI not pass the ball while he makes max money (if it wasn't sweet enough before)
john replied:
Nooooooooo. Hoping Sixers will trade Ben Simmons straight up for BI.
jack replied:
That would be a fun change for both teams