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IDEA Development NFT on relayx https://relayx.com/market/867002d4c11bae0fdaee8dde8ea93f30b55b7be6bc9265f66ca31d1ce6771edd_o1 I am offering up my time as a service to anyone/everyone who is interested in taking an idea and making that idea a reality. While I am not extremely well known in this space (like Jack C. Liu or Joshua Henslee), I still have helped several people develop their ideas and have helped make them into working projects. I will test current projects and offer constructive criticism. I see value where others do not and I also see *now* and 10 years from $now$. I offer the perspective of a person who has tried a lot of little things and I have seen what does and does not work. While I will keep an open correspondence with whoever wants this service, I will insure a 1hr video/voice call as part of this 'IDEA' Development Service contract. In order to redeem what I am offering, grab this NFT and contact me in one (or all) of the following ways. Twitter - https://twitter.com/Ins1D30uT
Twetch (@5546) ins1d30ut@protonmail.com
@tonymontoshi Funny thing...I put a link to my twitter profile in the post and this is the result. I thought it was cool when I saw it as well ;)
tonymontoshi tipped:
tonymontoshi replied:
Thanks for the info. i started looking into it and i found this https://publish.twitter.com/#
seems like theres a few things to connect to twitter. Pretty cool indeed
nenicloud replied:
pretty cool...there must be a backend wizard at the wheel.