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I started reading the powping by@kydjustus and tried to respond to it (seems to be deleted now). My reply would not work. Thought it might be the browser I was using (Brave). Not sure. This is in part a test to see if I can post from Brave. But... I have some questions; I have no way of telling if Moneybutton being acquired is good news or not.@manfred's claim that they are not related is not supported by anything I can see. My experience of Moneybutton has been very positive so far and it claims to be the best wallet in the universe. I have no way of assessing this claim. Is there anything like it happening on any of the other blockchains? Just like powping... is there anything like it and Twetch on other blockchains? I would be surprised if good ideas like these are not copied across to other systems. I don't have the time and resources to investigate all the other systems Mind you we are also told that things like powping and Twetch wouldn't work very well if at all on most of the other blockchains... I guess time will tell.