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pete tipped:
musiq tipped:
I wonder if they'll follow up with sequels to cover the rest of the books. That would be very cool...
musiq replied:
I think they will probably turn it into a Netflix series if the movie works well, just like Watchmen, Snowpiercer, and Fargo.
connor replied:
You may know this already, but the Sci-Fy channel did a miniseries that covered Dune and then a separate miniseries that covered books 2 and 3 and called it Children of Dune. The first miniseries was pretty corny but they upped the budget for Children of Dune and it turned out really good.
This will be an instant classic, almost like the star wars series.
Dune can't be compressed into a single film.
connor replied:
Good thing this one will be two 😉
pete tipped:
Yes it is. 🙂 The sandworm though was a bit too large.
connor replied:
Yes we'll see... The one that destroys the spice factory must have been about that big!