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pete tipped:
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1 year ago
just read it. reads like bottom of the barrel propaganda. Don't calbs and others have more inside info on the hashwar?
thacypha replied:
The whole de-listing of BSV is a criminal act aimed at controling price in the market
pleb replied:
Nobody is forced to list anything 🤷‍♂️
thacypha replied:
Why are they turning money away by not listing BSV? If you are not motivated by making money this is how you corrupt markets. If a gang of people de-list BSV it is market manipulation. Are they not listing the other coins to make money? A scaling BSV destroys their little shit show.
pleb replied:
They are private businesses. nobody owes us shit. Maybe if craig didnt call them scammers and criminals they wouldn't delist.
pleb replied:
imagine you demand NASDAQ lists something for you lol