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I don't think we can afford to be too ideologically strict in the blockchain world. Anything with enough adoption is going to have sufficient people using it that some of them will have conflicting philosophies. I like a blockchain that works well.
that sounds nice i'd like to not have a problem with how almost everyone in BSV has a different ideological perspective than me the problem for me with just respecting the differences, though, is that there's lots and lots of people loudly angrily saying things about how people like me (leftists, socialists) are irredeemably terrible and saying how we should certainly be excluded entirely from polite society, sometimes explicitly saying that we should suffer and die, and at some point especially if it's a constant topic of conversation that gets to feel more like a personal attack than like a difference of opinion
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1 year ago
shadders replied:
I suspect you're not as isolated as you think. When people are routinely called names for showing some deviation from a particular ideology it tends to create the conditions for a silent majority to form. We've seen this happen on both sides of the political spectrum over the last 20 years. The solution when the rules of the game are stacked against you is to go play a different game. You might find a bunch of people will join you.
morpheus replied:
Often overlooked or forgotten in dreams, is one of the main issues of socialism or communism is the difficulty of price discovery in markets with high degrees of central management. The existence of an universal open persistent ledger reduces this problem greatly. BitCoin benefits everyone, and every ideology, for those who understand how to make best use of it
Yes. What ideology can a blockchain even have other than forensically viable journaling? Chains of blocks are math put to that purpose. Then again adding proof of work to this is an earth sundering use of monumental magnitude. It will bend the history of the world toward truth and justice Ideological additions are gilding the lily. To paint over what's perfectly natural is to dream of things that need not be.