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Is anyone using NFT's (tokens/smart contracts) to sell digital artwork on the BSV network?
glauce tipped:
Sounds interesting... will keep an eye!
pete replied:
Yes, and it could be lucrative (such a great word) to the artist and the underlaying service provider. 🙂 For example Enjin token has this kind of marketplace for digital art/collectibles: https://enjinx.io/eth/marketplace
glauce replied:
Indeed... Slictionary it@pete, if you make it an enticing entry, "lucrative" could define itself for you in the future... 😆... self fulfilling! Thanks for the link too... interesting, I wonder how well (or not) it works for the people there.
There was someone who posted here an image of a digital "dollar", or maybe it was a calling card, that was linked to the Run token protocol. That's the closest thing to your question that I've seen...
Hey Thanks Pete
P.S. I took a look at run.network, which looks good but it was too much coding for me.
pete replied:
^ Yes, BSV needs a similar online service as this: https://mint.bitcoin.com/#/create