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Feature Idea/Request: Ability to put bounties on post verified and held on via escrow. So is this a good idea and some background I create a thread asking for some help on e.g Excel or Java question. Now, if I receive a question I CHOOSE to Tip, but there is no incentive or guarantee for the person who actually writes up thier answer and gives me support to my excel or Java question they will receive anything. I want to personally put up a bounty for e.g $0.20, where after I post my question, a blue check mark comes, which signals I have paid and funds have gone for $0.20. these are now held on a escrow. Now other people post and help me on my Excel/Java question, as they can see and verify my bounty and acts as a Signal. People reply and whoever gives the best answer. I click on something, like accept answer and the 0.20 goes directly to them. I can also choose to tip others. Now, if I'm greedy, take the answer and don't give the bounty, or if all the answers are rubbish and poor. If you implement and using nlocktime of 30 days, that $0.20 gets split. Half is returned back to me and half gets split out to everyone who posted or back to Powping. (Assuming I receive a minimum of 10 replies) What do you guys think? I think it would be cool to demonstrate nlocktime, escrow ability and bring more awareness and chance for good quality answers, and they reward participants as they can verify proof I am not trolling and need request for my question. @unwriter
what if everyone who reads can vote for the best answer and your bounty goes to the guy who has the most upvotes after a certain period of time
marlab replied:
Good idea
I think that type of reward-for-good-answer solution already exist as a stand-alone BSV service. However, I can't remember its name.
marlab replied:
What is the name of the existing service
bitcoinsteffen replied:
Feel free to argue and if you think it's flawed or missing something obvious. Thanks!