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Why not give every new user 1 dollar BSV for free, but this coin can only used to give others 100 times, 0.01 USD each time. It will be more users I think.
If you have to buy users with money instead of benefits from the product's features, the product has failed. But, if you want to do this, nothing stops you.
sandysmoothie tipped:
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2 years ago
miggy replied:
xianjue replied:
In the beginning, it will accelerate this project, time is the key in marketing, maybe you don't understand, developer brains always look down upon marketing, so finally they fail.
morpheus replied:
You don't need to convince anyone. You can spend your money as you like Market it as you see fir.
morpheus replied:
As a marketer, time and momentum are essential. When marketing to developers, negging, (what marketers call the reverse sell technique), has a low success rate. This idea isn't new. Gavin did it as his first BitCoin project Assuming this is a sincere suggestion , the proper path to market this idea to developers would be through the feature requests to make it less trivially exploitable by sybil. Every developer sees this suggestion as a variant of the "fawsit" and can drain the marketing budget for it in a few minutes by writing some user generation code. Every good marketer knows that over time people tend to do that which they are paid to do. There is already a funding mechanism for user and post quality, tips. Is a funding mechanism for user quantity what is most needed? If so, is the suggested mechanism to achieve that a good one? You've suggested that maybe my understanding is poor. Why not show me the path to understanding by doing what you seek to achieve?