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"I got the same response from others at the conference(in the year 1990). It seemed that explaining the vision of the Web to people was exceedingly difficult without a Web browser in hand. People had to be able to grasp the Web in full, which meat imagining a whole world populated with Web sites and browsers. They had to sense the abstract information space that the Web could bring into being. It was a lot to ask. "The hypertext community may also have been slightly demoralized. Their small conference was not getting any bigger, and no one was sure where the field was headed. The lack of commercial success had perhaps left a certain cynicism about bright new ideas that could change the world." -- Chapter 3, "Weaving the Web - The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by Its Inventor", 2000. By no means am I comparing BitCoin to the WWW since the two technologies IMHO are solutions to different problems. However, it's becoming harder, as I proceed through the chapters, to ignore the glaringly similar problems that BitCoin today also faces. So far three chapters into this book, one thing I've learned is... history is messy.
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Wow those are insightful excerpts. Please do share more if you come across other interesting tidbits.