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SuperAsset A Fungible-Token (FT) standard for assets and smart contracts powered by Bitcoin Script and enforced by miners via the normal UTXO consensus rules at the base layer. This specification provides the same SPV-guarantees and peer-to-peer distribution for any asset or computation, just like the native Bitcoin Satoshi tokens. > Copyright 2020. MatterPool Inc. > SuperAsset Smart Contract Specification, Technical Designs and Algorithms are licensed under GPLv3. Attila Aros - Chief Technology Officer, MatterPool Inc. attila@matterpool.io Contributors: Dean Little, Daniel Krawisz. Document version 1.0 https://bitcoinfiles.org/t/44ba8c655af630ece973c9b11f25961d182dd5ffebc59a7bb20879b2a6f1123f