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One unique thing (or some might say "quirky" at this point) about Powpress is the app only acts as an editor and the actual content distribution happens through other medium, such as Powping:

Powpress.org itself is not a distribution channel. It's simply an editor that hosts your drafts for you. You compose content using Powpress, and each version gets stored as its own Bitcoin transaction. 
Once you're ready to publish, you can publish it to 3rd party applications. Currently Powpress only supports Powping (which takes the same approach and uses the same protocol), but technically it's already based on an open protocol so any application can interact with it. The plan is to open up gradually, so we can see more web applications communicate with one another.

This concept should be still abstract and foreign to many people, especially since Powpress could only publish to Powping. Note that this is just a transitionary phase and the goal is to make Powpress-like and Powping-like apps interoperable.

And today's feature release may be able to show you a glimpse of this. Now you can post not only to your own Powping follower feed, but also to Powping channels.

Here's how it works:

You'll notice there's another button "publish to powping channel". Click the button and enter the channel URL you wish to publish to, and press "Go".

At first sight this probably doesn't look like a big deal since it's basically posting to different parts of the same app (Powping), but once you start thinking of your Powping follower feed and Powping channel feed as separate apps, you can probably imagine where this can go.

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Wow... just imagining what we'll be able to do! You are flying@unwriter, thank you!