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BSV Basics

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Can someone please explain why often BSV has a large number of unknown miners when the others don't? What exactly is an unknown miner?
glauce tipped:
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2 years ago
Is there an alternative to coin.dance?
Glad you asked that, was an itch... thank you!
Coin dance are just too lazy to update their pattern recognition. Try this -------------- 24hourpool,3 binance,89 btc.com,1 coingee,3 hath,348 huobi,90 mempool,20 minerium.com,3 mining-dutch,4 miningdaddy.com,14 mininggod,3 miraclepool.net,7 okex.com,105 poolin.com,1 prohashing.com,1 satoshicat,18 sbicrypto.com,7 spiderpool,6 svpool.com,2 taal.com,145 unknown,63 viabtc,46 warphash,26 七彩神仙鱼,3 last 1008 blocks total pools: 24 -------------- 24hourpool,1 binance,12 coingee,1 hath,59 huobi,8 mempool,2 miraclepool.net,1 okex.com,10 sbicrypto.com,7 taal.com,21 unknown,8 viabtc,13 七彩神仙鱼,1 last 144 blocks total pools: 13
mooncat tipped:
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2 years ago
jasmr replied:
Thanks. Not sure where else to go to get comparison data on a regular basis. I like watching trends and trying to figure out what might be the underlying factors. It is amusing to me that BSV can handle more than 60% of the transactions with only 1.1% of the Hash Rate. I do realise that these settings can be adjusted and that big blocks help. I am watching as Daily Accumulated Growth of BSV climbs towards BTC leaving BCH in the dust. How long can BCH continue to exist if it can't be used for anything? Same goes for BTC of course.
kpdad72 replied:
the question is why is bch still existing?
glauce replied:
I often wonder the same...
Those are miners "unknown" to coin.dance. Some of them actually do have coinbase headers that display their name but probably not significant enough to be listed in the pie chart.
An unkown miner is a processor that do not want to be recognized mining a chain, or is a miner that is not yet labelled by coindance for various reasons. Bsv has more unkown miners for a main reason to me: the players do not want to be seen mining bsv for some type of ethic, but profit is profit and so they choose to hide.