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Right hand or left hand? 

Right hand or left hand? 

I have so many things in my inbox.  

But even more, I have so many things in the inbox of my subconscious.

There are two ways I know of to clear it.

One is to vomit everything onto the page (or screen that mimics the page).

The other is to sit in silence and watch every thought float by until all is settled. Like watching the ripples on the pond.

Both are valid. Both are necessary.

You do not choose just one, in a false dichotomy.

You do not choose between your left and right hands, except to decide which is more appropriate to use in any given moment.

You do not choose whether you should keep your left or right hands. You keep them both.  

But you choose which one to use in a given moment.

For example, a friend trips and falls. Which hand do you use to help catch them?

The hand that is closest to them.

There is no ideological question that comes into play here. No favourites.

You use the hand that is closest to them, to catch them.

Unless you're in an environment like ancient Siam, where it was punishable by death to touch the royalty; and so that ancient Thai princess drowned while all her guards looked on.

Yeah, but if you don't live in ancient Siam, then just use the hand that's nearest to your friend, to break your friend's fall.

Use tools, modalities and systems that are best suited for the job, judged by practicality of function.

So it is for your personal development. Use all that works. 

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