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Did some big changes on Siena Food Market: added Paypal. (Crypto users dont spend unfortunately), added 10% discount for Bitcoin payment option, 20% discount if you pay with our token. Today adding more items and after that I will start advertising the site through google and instagram.
It's unfortunate that BitCoin doesn't have any benefit to ecommerce at this time. Usage would be nice but you have leaders telling people that HODL is the only way to "use" BSV and that you only spend BSV when you are done with it or no longer "using" it. Sad state of affairs.
framore replied:
Who said that? We have a shop, you can buy our item with Paypal or BSV and save 10% using BSV. This is a benefit, isn't?
seangray replied:
I said that; from experience. Crypto users are only interested in micropayments for now.