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Ahh Paypal adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.
lol, thats only a paypal token. Did you take a deeper look or are you superficial? https://twitter.com/UltraXBT/status/1318918713161273345
uniqueusername replied:
PayPal owns your crypto like a bank owns your fiat. Useless
framore replied:
Yes useless to habe 350 million users ...
uniqueusername replied:
you don't understand what bitcoin is.
framore replied:
Yes whatever and you don't understand what reality is
A rumor is PayPal initially won't allow users to transfer virtual currency outside from their platform. So it's like a gilded cage.
fragments replied:
I wonder if they planning on building their transaction network off chain through "lightening network"?!
pete replied:
erik tipped:
fragments replied:
Thank you Pete for sharing.